With the creation of  the Sēfari outpost, I want to rethink the idea of living with nature. I believe that there should be harmony between the artificial world, the natural environment, and human beings. The boutique is a hankering back to a more primitive aesthetic celebrating the imperfections of natural materials, highlighting our yearning for simplicity and honesty. The emphasis on plants, helps to purify the air. A vista of trees or a water view helps people to harness the wild and ever-changing environment. Sēfari is natural and filled with textures, a space that is wild & raw, using materials that tell a story. Sefari encompassed objects that resonated with the maker's touch, things with soul. It is an intuitive mindset rather than a stylized decorating "look". 

The outpost was a sanctuary for found objects, collectibles by a myriad of designers meant to bring joy to the buyer or pursuer. I encourage people to wander in and out in the hope of creating a special kind of experience – a refuge from the hum-drum way of shopping. All of the treasures are representative of some story, big or small and are given a home in the Sēfari Malibu outpost.The Shop offered a range of vintage African textiles, crystal energy healing products, locally made candles, high-end handmade ocean inspired jewelry, lighting, as well as unique pieces from a global group of designers and artists. Ephemera, collectibles, books, and art fill this nature inspired creative outpost. Awareness creates the need to make buying decisions based on sustainability -- can the object be reused and kept for a lifetime? Taking this approach and buying with thoughtful awareness reflects the beliefs in integrity and authenticity. A leaning towards craftsmanship. As we edit our lifestyle we seek out products and interiors that evoke an emotional response -- products and interiors that offer us comfort and reassurance. The idea is to create solidity with the objects that surround us. Like all quality design, irrespective of price, objects should have lasting value. 

The space was not designed. It was formed by the materials I found.