Todos Santos B.C.S., California


Some would say we moved to Mexico under a spell.  It all happened very fast.  We arrived back in Los Angeles this September after falling in love on Kauai, the garden isle. We purged an abundance of belongings, packed up our three dogs, several crates of books, and going off our intuition and guidance of an astrocartography reading, landed in Todos Santos.  Our intention was to reclaim time. Dive into creative blocks, eradicate fears, invite more art & romance into everyday adventures, live more conservatively and re-imagine the notion of home, our deepest desire and greatest wound. 

We arrived to the sleepy fishing village, when the breeze was still heavy with heat from a lingering summer. The fiery air slowed us to a halt. And for weeks we wrestled with the slow gentle pace of day to day life. Upon first glance, Dracula was unassuming, a timeless centerpiece in town almost forgotten. Nevertheless, we were pulled to her as if by magnets, unseen but impossible to ignore. Casa Dracula became the ultimate container. Mystical, pulsing and weathered, her fragility mirrored our own.  Initially charmed by her patina, our curiosity quickly grew into reverence, as we discovered her innate wisdom and vibrant spirit. Each day we caught ourselves gazing out the majestic gothic windows, with the perfume and rhythm of Mexico drifting in, lost in the beauty of a moment. We were reminded of what is essential in life. What nourishes us most – an afternoon siesta, meditating with fire, getting lost in books, days spent barefoot, laughter rising from a table, picking guava in the garden, 
manuscripts in progress, handcrafted objects lining shelves collected over the years.

Dracula helped us to reimagine what we want home to be: sacred.  It inspired a return of sorts, to our truest ourselves, and to a new yet age old way of living, intentionally, artfully and slowly.

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