My photography has always been a means to process and reflect upon what I see. It helps me to immerse with my surrounding environment, and connect with the people and places that cross my path. Over the years, I have learned that more often then not, the most special moments are the ones where in fact I don't have that camera on hand. It's a fine line between being present and capturing the presence of Life's magic. I tread with patience + gratitude. 

I believe that as humans we are all curiously creative, and the act of capturing moments was just the beginning of my journey as an artist. Photography taught me self-awareness. It taught me to be mindful of my perspective, respectful of others and it gave me a keen eye for observation. Those skills have manifested for me as a designer, entrepreneur, creative director, and naturalist.

I have been traveling throughout Africa since I was 18 years old. More then anywhere else on the planet, it holds a kinetic energy for me. I am drawn to it on a molecular level. In the summer of 2015, whist on a spiritual walkabout in South Africa, it hit me that in order to be "creative" from a lifestyle perspective, one has to surround themselves in spaces that stimulate creative thinking.  For me, that has always been Nature. Nature is the key to a creative life. 

I was in the process of defining the creative direction and vision behind my lifestyle brand, Sēfari at which point I realized it was critical to be able to walk people into my vision. To create an experience where they could see and engage with my aesthetic, but simultaneously providing them the space to explore their own inspirations + curiosities. 

And just like that, Sēfari was born. 

Below you will see a few of my favorite memories, I hope you enjoy x

The spiritual warrior hides from nothing. We jump into the fire, we dive into the Ocean. We become the Sea.
— Charlotte Kasl